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Dr. Nathan Metz, Dr. Melissa Metz, & family


About Us

Metz Petz understands that your pet is just as much a part of your family as you are! We treat every pet that visits our clinics in Ada & Shawnee, OH as if they were part of our family as well. Our veterinary professionals have many years of experience and are always compassionate when treating our clients’ pets. We understand that your pet is a member of your family and that you love them, and it is this understanding that makes us work harder to treat your pet when it isn’t well.

The veterinarians at our two clinics, Dr. Nathan Metz, Dr. Melissa Metz, Dr. Sara Smith, and Dr. Holly Martinez, are experienced and compassionate professionals who love animals. They are vets who care about each animal that comes to us and strive to make your pet healthier or more comfortable.


We understand that many pets are a little wary of the vet, so we do our best to make them feel just as comfortable as home! We are always friendly and keep your pet calm and to complete any procedures as soon as possible. Whether it’s a simple vaccination or more serious surgery, we’re experts at what we do and we can provide the services your pet needs. Allow our expertise to give your pet the care they need!


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