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Spice‘s Success Story

Hey everyone,

We wanted to show you all an amazing case of teamwork and a patient’s will to get through something.

Spice, the majestic Kuvasz with her ethereal white fluffy coat, has been a beloved visitor to our veterinary clinic for the past six years. Kuvasz, renowned for their protective nature and guardian instincts, exemplify the essence of loyalty and companionship.

Spice’s journey into motherhood was as remarkable as her breed’s reputation; conceived through artificial insemination with semen that had weathered 35 years, she entrusted her care to Dr. Babbitt, who skillfully delivered nine healthy puppies via C-section.

Notably, Dr. Babbitt and our Ada Practice Manager, Cody, had previously joined forces in assisting Spice with a C-section, delivering an astounding 13 puppies. The Kuvasz legacy didn’t stop there—Spice’s sister, Dulce, recently welcomed 11 puppies into the world naturally, just days before Spice’s own litter arrived. With each litter, Spice’s owners exemplify their commitment to upholding the standards of the Kuvasz breed, aiming to produce exceptional specimens.

Should anyone seek further insight into these remarkable dogs or their adorable offspring, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll gladly connect you with the passionate owners.