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Nikki ‘s Success Story

Hey everyone,

We wanted to show you all an amazing case of teamwork and a patient’s will to get through something.

Nikki, a 9-week-old Lab puppy, came in having been spayed by an out-of-area humane society. Nikki, being a Labrador, thought that her sutures would be something fun to chew on. This got her into a bit of trouble. Nikki’s dad called us after having called several other clinics in the area to try and get some help for his pup. Nikki came in and had removed both layers of her sutures and had some organs exposed. Dr Carder and the team in Ada worked quickly with Nikki’s dad to get a triage and treatment plan together. Once the plan was finalized, we took Nikki to surgery and got her put back in place.

Nikki woke up from her procedure well and actually had some color return to her gums; she seemed to be doing well. Dr Carder still had a guarded outlook on how Nikki would do since her injuries were pretty extensive and since she was such a young puppy. As part of our treatment plan, Nikki was transferred to WCOVES (our local emergency clinic) for further observation overnight. Nikki continued to thrive and was discharged home the next day.

Fast-forward to last Friday and Nikki came in like a normal, bouncy, mouthy Lab puppy. Her sutures remained where they should be with the help of her parents being very strict with her e-collar. Looking at Nikki now, you would never have guessed that just 2 weeks ago she was moments from losing her life.

Nikki’s story, along with Dr Carder’s suggestion, and Nikki’s mom’s talks with the humane society has inspired the humane society where she was spayed to offer e-collar to all surgical patients. In one of the pictures, you can see Nikki’s mom, Delilah, who was spayed at the same humane society and was sent with an e-collar so that she didn’t follow in her daughter’s footsteps.

Now that Nikki seems to have made a complete recovery, we all can’t wait to continue her care (we’ll stick to vaccines and kisses for now though!).

Please give our Ada team and Nikki’s parents some kudos for their great work on getting Nikki to a great outcome!