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Geriatric Screenings Dog

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Geriatric Screenings
Ada and Lima, OH

After about age 7, most small animal companions are considered “senior citizens”.

Geriatric Screenings in Ada, OH, Lima, OH, and beyond.

Arthritis is considered the most common occurrence in geriatric pets.
Geriatric Screenings Cat

Your senior pet deserves a special kind of care and Metz Petz Veterinary Clinics provide that.

These pets will usually exhibit a general slowing down and may display a variety of age-related changes. Therefore, the approach to your senior pet’s health care has to be tailored to their age-related changes. Our senior work-up for your pet will likely include the following:

  • Comprehensive Veterinary Exam – preferably twice per year, including palpation for lumps, swellings, and other changes.
  • Oral Care – Dental exams and cleanings.
  • Eye and Hearing Exams- Early detection means possible treatment.
  • Geriatric Lab Work – Blood screening, fecal exam, and urinalysis.
  • Nutritional Review – High quality diet needs to support aging systems.
  • Exercise Planning – To maintain fitness and extend vigor.

Our ability to address the changes and needs of your senior pet include: in-house lab facilities for same day results, radiology department for prompt diagnostics and treatment, and an on-site pharmacy for supplements and medications.

Arthritis care is important and we can help keep your animal companion comfortable using non-invasive arthritis management treatments. Treatments may include a gentle exercise program and a specific diet plan. For arthritis pain management, we begin treating with our therapeutic laser, and/or NSAIDS and glucosamine supplements. If these measures are not enough and prescription medication is required, the veterinarian will create an individualized treatment plan for your pet.

A variety of age-related concerns may develop in your senior pet. Indicators of a potentially serious problem might include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Increase in water consumption or urination
  • Sudden weight loss or gain
  • Decrease in appetite
  • Frequent vomiting or diarrhea
  • Blood in stool or while urinating
  • Lameness
  • Bad breath or excessive drooling
  • Sudden collapse
  • Breathing heavily while at rest
  • Limping
  • Coughing during excitement
  • Trouble rising
  • Dull hair coat
  • Lumps and bumps